Leila Amulets Five-Row Yantra (With Silver925 Necklace)
Leila Amulets Five-Row Yantra (With...

Leila Amulets Five-Row Yantra (With Silver925 Necklace)

Five-Row Yantra

(With Silver925 Necklace 41cm Same as the picture)

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Leila Amulets Five-Row Yantra

Phramahasamchat Chatpanyo

Banphatsathit Temple


The Five-Row Yantra is a highly popular and renowned yantra both within and outside the country due to the belief that it encompasses significance in every aspect.

Meanings of the Five Rows:

* The first row brings good results in one's dwelling, resolves problems in the house, corrects Feng Shui, and clears any obstructive pathways or other issues.

* The second row support your fortune for people whose fortunes fall, fortunes break, and bad turns into good.

* The third row guards against negative thoughts and wards off evil, whether seen or unseen.

* The fourth row enhances prosperity, attracts wealth, and invites success.

* The fifth row possesses the charm of loving-kindness and is beloved by people in general.

The Five-Row Yantra was constructed for the welfare of the monk’s residential quarters within Banphatsathit Temple, Lampang 

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