by LEILA Amulets.

Welcome the intense summer heat with Leila's Songkran Celebration, 

packed with fun activities! 

  • Easter Egg scooping with prizes for every egg
  • Everyone's eagerly awaiting bags
  • Grab the bursting Leila bags
  • Get your horoscope checked by Fortune Teller Bua
  • Special inside the event: Meet Ajarn Somwang

at CentralWorld, Level 1, Near Starbuck Zone B, 

from April 9th to 17th, 2024

LEILA Amulets

Development of creative work It is part of our company that we have been working on for 10 years, design and development. is the work that we are good at Jewelry with a long history and some changes. It may have to be reduced to some extent over time. But maintaining the original appearance of Thai art will not be altered in any way.


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Leila Amulets Trimurati, The 3 gods Leila Amulets Trimurati, The 3 gods 2
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Trimurati, The 3 gods helps the people worship to solve any problem perfectly and gives light to the people with no hope

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Roi Chu ฿999

The ancients said that the talisman bound with snake skin is a good object with the power to bind the mind and capture the heart.


7 Things must have in 2023 with LEILA Amulets

“Faith is a matter of preference. Faith is a matter of love. therefore filled with a variety of items from the past, there was only one Buddha image one cartridge of honey At present, it may seem too little to resist. Hence this article was born. That the admin would like to collect all outstanding items for you, will there be anything that suits you? Let's go and see.


Emperor star sun-moon is about?

Emperor star sun-moon is about? Lucky fortune imperium, boss lover, subordinate, lovely...

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