Leila Amulets Shining Moon (Phra Chan Chai)
Leila Amulets Shining Moon (Phra Chan...

Leila Amulets Shining Moon (Phra Chan Chai)

Shining Moon (Phra Chan Chai)

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Shining Moon (Phra Chan Chai)

Luang Pu Saya Kuan Phra Chaya Inntawangso

Pha Tai Temple


This amulet is good at love, boosting your charm. The crescent moon will shine even in the dark among any problem and suffering,
boost your bad luck back into good immediately, you will have powerful charm, be beloved by people, no one will hate you,
boosts your wealth, only good things flow into your life, and your life will have no obstacle at all.

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