Leila Amulets Pran Boon

Leila Amulets Pran Boon

Pran Boon

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Pran Boon

Luang Pu Narhong Samo

Mongkol Nimmit Temple

Samut Sakhon

To promote smooth collaboration with others and solve past issues easily, whether with colleagues or subordinates, fostering belief and trust is key. Colleagues should cooperate without discord, and superiors should show empathy and understanding. This approach is suitable for managing large groups of people and can also be effective in sales professions, attracting customers to the business.

* General Public: People commonly use this method to enhance their charm and appeal. When we speak to others, they feel more inclined to believe and trust us. This is particularly useful in sales negotiations, reaching out to adults, colleagues, or anyone we need assistance from. Holding onto this approach during negotiations increases trust, attracts the opposite and same genders, and appeals to the general public.

* Businesses: Establishments such as restaurants, pubs and malls that require high foot traffic should aim to become popular and well-liked destinations. This ensures a steady flow of customers.

* Used for Charisma Enhancement: Utilize this technique to enhance charisma.

* Negotiators and Salespeople: This approach is particularly effective for negotiators and sales professionals.

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